Back to School Reading List for Kindergarten - Part 2

By Pete Albrecht

Use this reading list to help your child get excited about going to kindergarten

Starting school can be a little scary for children. However, reading books about kindergarten can help them get excited about starting school and ease their fears of the unknown.

The Urban Child Institute has put together this list of books that not only explain what to expect in kindergarten, but also introduce the skills that children need to succeed — both in the classroom and later in life. Today's reading list highlights the behavioral skills (like sitting still, listening, and respecting others) that children will need to do well in kindergarten.

These books can help children focus on the excitement of going to school for the first time instead of the fear of doing something new. Plus, these books can also prepare children for kindergarten by demonstrating how they should and shouldn't behave in the classroom:

Tom Goes to Kindergarten A panda bear named Tom is suddenly nervous on his first day of school, so his parents stay at school with him to show him that school is the place to be. Get it from Amazon.

Don't Eat the Teacher Sammy the Shark lets kids laugh about the many "do's and don'ts" they will encounter in kindergarten. Get it from Amazon.

Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come! Henry thinks he's ready for kindergarten, but he soon gets overwhelmed and wants to go home until he meets a new friend. Get it from Amazon.

Little Rabbit Goes to School Little Rabbit takes his favorite toy with him on his first day of school and then learns that his troublemaking toy is better off at home. Get it from Amazon.

Adventure Annie Goes to Kindergarten Annie loves a good adventure, but she has to learn the gold star rules of behavior before she can be a kindergarten superstar. Get it from Amazon.

Froggy Goes to School This book captures the feel of first-day jitters with a frog who fears doing everything wrong but ends up getting it all right with a little help. Get it from Amazon.

Be sure to take a look at our other reading list focusing on cognitive skills that kindergarten-ready children need. These stories include concepts like counting, the alphabet, and colors to help children see what happens in kindergarten.

Have a favorite book that helped your child get ready for kindergarten? Tell us and we'll add it to our lists.

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