Low Birth Weight

The months a baby spends in the womb, along with the first 12 months after birth, are arguably the most important time of all for brain development. During this period, brain cells called neurons are forming connection with each other, creating the networks that underlie thinking, learning and feeling. Low birth weight can disrupt early brain development. Low birth weight babies are at increased risk for developmental problems related to physical health, psychological adjustment, and intellectual functioning.
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Pre-K Matters

You could probably guess that sending a child to pre-kindergarten results in better kindergarten readiness, improved vocabulary, and enhanced reading skills. But did you know that the benefits of Pre-K go far beyond their school years and into their adult lives? Starting at age four, nationwide studies reveal that investing early in a child's education by sending them to pre-kindergarten yields a long list of benefits that go beyond test scores, and into the very fabric of their — and our — futures.
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