Teen Project Sheds Light on the First Years

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On the day of the “Live Museum,” for which students were asked to represent an historical character, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, Jr., Galileo, and Anne Frank were all in attendance. But Max Adelman, a rising 8th grader at the Lausanne Collegiate School, chose to be Dr. James Heckman.

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Nurturing Independence in Young Children

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Nurturing independence in young children is a critical component of parenting. It promotes later self-sufficiency and self-reliance, and the process should begin during the earliest years of life.

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Music is More than Entertainment

When observing a music class packed with pre-schoolers and kindergartners, one should expect a lot of moving parts. Moving feet, moving hands, moving bodies, moving vocal cords.

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Equipping Our Children With Grit

Grit is a word that is now synonymous with Memphis, thanks to the success of our Grizzlies, but it’s a word that should be associated with more than our NBA team. It should also indicate the kind of character we want to develop in our children.

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Moments That Matter

From birth, children are learning fundamental social and emotional skills through experience. You can make the time spent with your little one matter by giving them challenges that push their development, reacting calmly to conflict, and paying attention to responses.

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Spreading the Word

It’s hard to think of a message that is more crucial to the future of Memphis and Shelby County. If we invest in the pivotal first three years of children’s lives, everything about our community gets better.

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