Babies Have Sharp Noses! To Sooth a Crying Infant, Try Holding Him Close to Mom's Nightgown

There is, perhaps, nothing more enigmatic than a newborn baby. Their thought processes and abilities can prove to be an impenetrable fortress for first-time parents. Can she see me? Does she recognize me? What is he thinking? Could he hear my voice in the womb? The answers in this article are surprising!

Far from the blank slates that they can appear to be, babies have a very active array of senses. A newborn can smell the difference in their own mother’s milk from another’s. They can even identify objects just by touching them. This article is full of fascinating information about a baby’s abilities to perceive the world around him. It describes exactly what your infant can sense at various stages of growth, and provides ways of helping further their maturation. Congratulations, new parents. You’ve found the Rosetta Stone to understanding your infant!

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