Math in the Early Years: A Better Success Predictor Than Reading

There is, perhaps, no greater concern for a parent than their children’s education. The need for an early start on learning has become increasingly clear over the past few decades. Most states have recognized the importance of a child’s ability to read, and have implemented programs to encourage this skill. Traditionally, a child’s reading level has been used to predict performance in higher grades. Studies are now showing that there is an even stronger indicator, and it is a surprising one.

A child’s mathematical prowess at an early age has been found to have a higher correlation to educational success; higher even than his or her reading level. Researchers are discovering that “early knowledge of math not only predicts later success in math, but also predicts later reading achievement even better than early reading skills.” This positive effect lasts not only through elementary grades, but throughout high school as well. This fascinating article goes further into the unexpected findings of the study, and outlines several ways to help your child use the power of math to unlock future accomplishments.

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