Porter-Leath’s “Spoonfuls” Supports Healthy Eating

Porter-Leath has taken action to support healthy eating habits in Shelby County’s young children with their ”Spoonfuls” program. Based on the USDA’s Child and Adult Care Food Program, “Spoonfuls” works with over 75 local family day homes to ensure that the day homes serve meals and snacks that meet health, safety, and nutritional needs of the children. The program provides multiple services, including:

  • Trains caregivers on how to provide good nutrition for the children, and health and safety guidelines,
  • Monitors all the day home’s facilities every three months to ensure guidelines are met, and
  • Reimburses the day homes for providing nutritious meals.

As a result of the “Spoonfuls” efforts, over 800 low-income children in Shelby County receive meals daily with milk and fresh fruits and vegetables rather than processed foods. Parents at one family day home even report that their children ask for healthy foods at home.

What children eat in early childhood not only affects their health and well-being at that time, but also greatly influences eating habits and health later in life. Changing eating habits of children early in Memphis, where 17% of our high school children are obese (CDC, 2010), can help create a healthier community in the future.

The Take-Away

Memphis families struggle to maintain healthy lifestyles with limited incomes. Porter-Leath is ensuring that Shelby County children eat regular healthy meals through its Spoonfuls program.


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