Preschoolers Outsmart College Students In Figuring Out Gadgets!

Here’s an old gag which has been used on countless television programs over the years - An adult fumbles with a remote control, or other device, until he becomes exasperated and gives up. A young child then picks up the gadget and easily operates it to the bewilderment of the adult. It’s a funny joke, but is it based in truth? At least one team of researchers is emphatically nodding their heads “Yes!”

In a study at the University of California, Berkley, young children were found to be much more adept at figuring out new devices than their college-aged counterparts! Over 100 preschoolers were given a music box with unusual controls. Another group of 170 college students were given the same device. Researches were surprised to learn that the younger group could not only figure out how to turn the device on, but were able to do it more quickly than the adults. The article discusses the surprising results and the intriguing reasons behind the results!

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