Postpartum Depression Affects More Than Mothers

While most mothers experience some symptoms during the first weeks after giving birth, postpartum depression affects mothers for much longer. The effects on their children can be much longer. 

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Pre-K Can Transform Lives

There is no longer any argument about the value of Pre-K in Memphis and Shelby County. The challenge now is to fund it adequately so that every child can benefit from it. A year ago this month, we wrote that Memphis and Shelby County had reached the tipping point on early child development. Unfortunately, there are signs now that we may tip in the wrong direction

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Healthy Brain Development Begins with Trust

If we were publishing a visual dictionary, we know what we would put beside the word, "trusting." It would be the picture of a young child. Nothing is more important to infants and toddlers than relationships with nurturing, loving people, both inside and outside the family. In fact, that is how they define the world and what it has to offer.

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