The Urban Child Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to the health and well-being of children from conception to age three in Memphis and Shelby County, Tennessee.
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First Years

What happens during the first years of a child’s life has a huge impact on his future; from his ability to graduate high school and go to college, to relational happiness, to finding a job he loves. How do you make the most of this time?

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Touch, Talk, Read, Play

In the first year of life, Baby's brain grows at a remarkable pace. By the time Baby is three, his brain will reach 80 percent of its adult size. That’s why the time from Baby's birth to when he turns three is so important. Early brain development is largely shaped by Baby's environment, as well as his health and wellness. But his brain is wired to learn and you, as parents, can be an active part of his development by these simple, daily habits that don't cost a thing.

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Off to a Good Start

The Urban Child Institute (UCI) began publication of the Data Book: The State of Children in Memphis and Shelby County in 2006 to inspire action by encouraging data-driven decisions, highlighting the challenges and opportunities facing our community, and shaping a community-wide conversation about the importance of giving every child a fair start in life. This year, UCI took a step back and asked ourselves how children in Shelby County are doing and where we, as a community, still have challenges. Our analysis was clear—unless our children have the supports and nurturing environments to succeed, their future and the future of our community will not be bright.

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