Memphis Medical News Mentions The Urban Child Institute

Last month, our organization was mentioned twice by Memphis Medical News in articles written by Bill Appling and Pamela Harris.

Bill Appling's article, All Children Can Learn, talks about our Baby Small campaign and increased awareness of early childhood brain development in Memphis and Georgia.

Recently, the Commercial Appeal had an article about the Memphis-based Urban Child Institute’s trying something new: the Baby Small Campaign, featuring a three-minute video explaining the benefits of “touch, talk, read and play” in the early stages of childhood.

Read the full article here.

Pamela Harris's article, MEMPHIS ON THE MEND: Urban Child Institute: Changing Healthcare Outcomes at Conception, mentions the efforts of several organizations working to improve the health of children born in impoverished communities, including The Urban Child Institute.

Help is available to Memphis parents via a partnership between the UCI and the Neighborhood Christian Center.  This team is teaching parents the simple things they can do at no cost to help their children develop in a program called "Touch . . .  Talk . . . Read . . . Play."

Read the full article here.