Babies in the Womb Can Learn Nursery Rhymes!

Apart from the health of their children, one a parent’s primary goals is to provide the best education they can. Many parents begin by pre-schooling their children or implementing activities at home even sooner. Research continues to show that the earlier a child is engaged in learning, the more she benefits later in life. The question then becomes “how early can a baby begin to learn?” A study from the University of Florida is providing a surprising answer!

For the research, 32 women were asked to recite nursery rhymes to their fetuses between the 24th and 34th weeks of pregnancy. Using previously established methods, researchers were able to determine whether or not the fetus had memorized any part of the rhymes. “We were basically asking the fetus, if your mother says this repeatedly, will you remember it?” said the study’s lead author, Charlene Krueger. Amazingly, the unborn children responded when they heard the rhymes repeated by another person. The study suggests that expectant mothers can begin preparing their children for education before they are even born!

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