Surprising Sleep Challenges as Your Child Grows?

There are many struggles parents face during the day with their toddlers. Changing diapers, coaxing her to eat her food, keeping him happy or out of trouble... all are important issues. Sleep is another matter! Difficulties in getting a child to sleep through the night can easily result in a crisis that affects all the other normal life, including a parent’s entire sense of well-being!

In this post, author Alice Callahan describes the difficulties she had when her 3-year-old daughter’s sleep cycle was broken. After moving into a new house, Cee began waking up throughout the night. Alice and her husband tried several approaches to the issue, with limited results. Exhausted and desperate, Alice turned to Dr. Douglas Teti of Penn State for help. In this post, Callahan outlines the methods suggested by Dr. Teti, and discusses a surprisingly simple aspect to her daughter’s bedtime routine that she had overlooked!

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