What a Marshmallow Can Reveal About Your Parenting!

Self-control is one of the most important attributes that a child can develop. Research has clearly shown a link between having self-control and success later in life. Much of the research has been done using the so called “marshmallow test,” where children are given the option between eating one treat immediately or holding out for a reward of two later on. This study has been touted as evidence for a genetic factor in the possession of self-control. A new spin on the test is causing researchers to take a second look.

In a study done by University of Rochester, researchers have found that social interaction before the test can greatly affect the outcome. "Our results definitely temper the popular perception that marshmallow-like tasks are very powerful diagnostics for self-control capacity," says Celeste Kidd, lead author on the study. When presented with three unfulfilled promises before the marshmallow test, children were significantly less likely to wait for the extra helpings than those with positive experiences. The article provides an eye-opening look at how a parent’s own actions can influence those of their children!

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