Would You Ever Say: "I'm Not So Good At Reading"?

For most families, night time includes the time honored tradition of the reading of a fairy tale or fable before a child goes to sleep. Story time has long been associated with higher reading comprehension among children, and is generally regarded as their favorite educational activity. One family has decided to use the concept to tackle a more difficult subject: math.

Astrophysicist Laura Overdeck had a particular interest in her children’s mathematical abilities, and decided to approach the topic differently than most other parents. Wanting her kids to find the subject exciting, she began incorporating arithmetic into their bedtime stories. Starting at age 2, Overdeck’s children began learning about simple addition and multiplication. The practice spread to her friends and neighbors, and has since become a movement of its own. The practice is turning a tradition on its head, and starting to address the nation’s stunted proficiency ranking.

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