Thankful for Our Children

As Thanksgiving approaches, it is a common tradition to ask kids what they are thankful for. Although the list evolves as children get older, it is rare for those early versions to include adults, and especially their parents. But as their teachers, their grandparents, and their moms and dads especially, we know that kids are blessings in our lives and we are very thankful for them—for lots of reasons.

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How Does Halloween Build Community?

There is nothing quite like Halloween for young children. There are of course the costumes and the candy, the jack-o-lanterns and trick and treating. But it’s one of the celebrations that shape attitudes – either positive or negative – toward family, neighbors, and environment which are crucial in the cognitive and social development of our youngest children.

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5 Things to Do With Your Fall Pumpkin

Shop anywhere for the next couple of months and you will find pumpkins everywhere you turn. Fall is all about pumpkins, whether real or decorative, or even flavoring our coffees and sweets.

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Kindergarten Readiness Differences Appear Early

From the very first week of school, kindergarten teachers noticed differing levels of preparedness among their students. Now, nearly three months into the school year, the contrast is stark.

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Your Family is Important

If there is anything that is obvious to all of us as adults, it is that our home environment was a major factor that shaped who we are and that defined our own expectations and goals for ourselves. That’s certainly true in the real-life experiences of the two five-year-olds — Tiffany and Briana — who have been the recent focus of these Perceptions columns.

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Brain Matters
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The Early Advantage
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The Brain Explained
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Building Baby's Brain
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Brain Training for the First Three Years
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