We've created a 8.5x14 4-fold brochure with examples, suggestions, and encouragement for parents learning why it's important to interact with babies during the first years of life. We hope that this will help you explain this to others. Please feel free to download and reproduce this to help spread the word. Please do not alter these documents in any way.

There is a persistent and ever widening divide in our country between those who have plenty and those who suffer poverty. Nowhere are the effects of that divide more harmful, and often irreversible, than in the lives of the children born into poverty. It is in the experiences of those early years, from conception through age three, when the brain develops to 80 percent of its capacity, that a course for long-term well-being is set.

What it's All About

I expected my parenting experience to be more calculating, more specifically purposeful than it has manifested in reality. ... I didn’t realize the foundational education I was tasked with edifying her with was buried in a gigantic mountain of squealing, hysterical fun.


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