Connecting the Dots to Kindergarten Readiness

Today, your toddler feels left behind as their older brothers and sisters set out for school. But soon enough, they will be new kindergarteners! There is much that we as parents and caretakers can do right now to help them get ready. Early childhood social, emotional, and cognitive brain development is already establishing the foundation for their kindergarten readiness, and pathway to success in school and life.

Two key dimensions of readiness include language and literacy skills, and the development of self-control. Language and literacy skills are vital tools for learning and for interacting with peers, teachers, and parents. With loving encouragement, a child’s confidence in their ability to express themselves through words will grow along with their vocabulary.

In learning to use their words, young children are also learning to peacefully negotiate conflict and navigate the world of other children and grown-ups. During the first years of life, a child begins to learn how to manage his feelings and emotions. Growing self-control, in turn, is linked to feelings of social competence, well-being, and self-confidence. These are skills and feelings that we wish for all new kindergartners!