Is Your Family Kindergarten Ready?

Something as natural as a child being ready to thrive in kindergarten is actually the result of a complex set of processes and experiences. In a sense, a kindergarten-ready child is a reflection of a kindergarten-ready family.

Young children develop in a network of relationships, and the skills they bring with them to kindergarten reflect the lessons and experiences they have gained at home. This is true not only for their language and cognitive development, but also for their self-confidence and self-control. Each of these skills, in turn, support a child's success in kindergarten and beyond.

The Role of a Family in Kindergarten Readiness

For this month's edition of Research to Policy, we explore the role of a family in supporting a child's readiness for kindergarten. When families actively support a child's development they increase the chances that child will be kindergarten ready.

A kindergarten-ready home has specific schedules and routines, and takes advantage of the resources available to them like free children's books or free school supplies.

Ultimately, we hope that this edition illuminates another important part of kindergarten readiness: the family.