The Exchange Club Of Memphis Helps Families Break The Cycle Of Domestic Violence

The Exchange Club is a Memphis nonprofit organization that provides services to families affected by violence and abuse. The Exchange Club recognizes that because children who witness domestic violence are more likely to be involved in violent relationships as adults, helping children deal with the consequences of witnessing violence in the home is a crucial element in breaking the cycle of family violence.

The Children’s Domestic Violence Program is one of the organization’s key services. The program is a 9-session group intervention designed to help families improve problem-solving skills, create individual safety plans, and address psychological and behavioral symptoms. While children meet together in age-appropriate groups, parents receive group training in positive parenting, anger management, and family safety. Children younger than age four receive one-on-one play therapy.

The program is built on evidence-based practices, and a recent evaluation verifies that the program makes a meaningful difference in the lives of children and their caregivers. For example, children who completed the program experienced significant reductions in behavioral problems. Parents who participated made significant improvements in the use of appropriate and consistent discipline strategies. The success of the Children’s Domestic Violence Program (just one of the Exchange Club’s many services) shows that the Exchange Club is a leader among community efforts to end the cycle of violence.